By law every patient has a right to receive their medical record. To support this, Stage 3 of the CMS Meaningful Use program is further expanding how a patient can gain electronic access to their health information. In addition to view/download/transmit through patient portals, the measure can be fulfilled by patients retrieving their record within 24 hours of its availability via ONC-certified API in a third party application.

MaxMD developed the DirectOnFHIR™ solution demonstrated below for a patient to query their medical record simply by sending a Direct Message to a Direct Address associated with a FHIR interface. Therefore any hospital or provider organization utilizing a FHIR enabled EHR can meet the MU3 requirement by implementing the DirectOnFHIR™ solution and providing Direct Addresses to their patients. Consolidation of login credentials from multiple patient portals to a singular Direct Address with a familiar mail interface could help overcome adoption challenges.

Applications for this patient and consumer Direct Messaging extend use cases beyond the new Stage 3 measure. Patient Direct Addresses also open up a secure and scalable channel for chronic disease management, medication reminders, and most importantly it empowers patients to manage their health electronically. See Patient and Consumer Direct Messaging for more information.