Is this you?

You’re in the time of life when managing health information is important. You’re having a baby or caring for a whole family, or maybe elderly parents are becoming more of your responsibility. 

Like us, you have health conditions of your own to manage and you want the best possible health outcomes. 

You’re surprised when providers ask you to shuttle your health records to another care team member, but you realize that really works best.

You’ve recognized the challenges of navigating multiple portals and wish getting your health information could be easier.  

You’ve received visit summaries that don’t contain accurate, complete information, and wish there was an easy way to report the issues. 

You don’t want to keep your records on paper. 

You're wondering if there’s a better, more modern way to communicate and share information with care providers.

We Can Help

Having a Direct Secure Messaging address helps you to establish a trusted identity for communicating digitally with your care team so that you can better manage your health information. Direct can handle many types of attachments including images, text and documents.

The MaxMD App helps you by making it easier to access your health records, report issues, and get the care you need so that you can take charge of your health outcomes. It is the modern, convenient way to share information back and forth with your care team.