Is this you?

You’re in a technology quandary, trying to connect to many diverse systems, transform data into needed formats, and make it more useful and accessible to those that need it to deliver care.

You’ve already built your infrastructure, but you face pressure to integrate additional information and support new formats for accessing the information.

You want to be proactive to address future market demands, but you also need to address present-day technology realities.

You’re looking for ways to increase the quality of information coming into the HIE and expand the flexibility for distributing information out of the HIE.

You're wondering if there is a more affordable option for moving information that is secure and scalable.

You’ve seen the new requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act that require patient access to records and prohibit information blocking.

Like us, you have seen HIE’s struggle to get providers to participate and to give patients access to information in their healthcare records.

We Can Help

Clinical Gateway Solution helps you by automating the way information is requested and received so that information access is more efficient and more effective. It is a modern data exchange enabler, deployed privately by organizations to automate the flow of health information. The system controls and manages exchange and reuse of clinical health information.

Direct Secure Messaging helps you with an affordable, scalable transport layer that allows authenticated, encrypted health information so that you can exchange between known and trusted recipients, regardless of the originating application, system or platform. Direct Secure Messaging can meet government incentives while also improving patient care and outcomes through better care coordination and information sharing.