HIT Vendor

Is this you?

You need to send and receive clinical data securely and in a format that ensures the data can be processed easily and accurately.

You’ve recognized that a single-use point-to-point interface to exchange data is expensive and difficult to set up and is expensive and challenging to support and maintain.  

You're wondering how you can deliver the data your system captures and reports your system generates.

We Can Help

Direct Secure Messaging helps you to build one interface to the MaxMD HISP so that interoperability is enabled with the entire DirectTrust Network. Compared to single-use one-to-one interfaces, Direct Messaging is more cost effective and easier to build and maintain.

MaxIntegration helps you take any output generated by your application and reformat it into a C-CDA document so that it can be consumed by ONC-certified EHR systems. Conversely, MaxIntegration can reformat any inbound payloads into a format that can be digested by your application.

All ONC-certified EHR systems have demonstrated the ability to consume standardized C-CDA payloads. MaxIntegration helps you leverage the data in your system by transforming it into structured documents that EHR systems are already prepared to accept.