Is this you?

You're on quest to learn what the 21st Century Cures Act means to you and how you move beyond compliance to position you organization for the future.

You're beginning to see how the 21st Century Cures Act will permanently change the way your organization operates.

You've seen similar standards-based regulatory requirements impact your business, like HIPAA and X12 and ICD-10.

You've recognized that checklist-compliance approach to the 21st Century Cures Act is not the answer.

Like us, you acknowledge that acquiring clinical data is costly and often results in unactionable information due to poor data. Additionally, the clinical data records your organization collects is stuck in silos so it's hard to access and difficult to reuse.

You're wondering how you can lower the acquisition cost of obtaining high-quality clinical data to empower the next generation of value-based care and reimbursement.

We Can Help

MaxMD Cures Act Assessment and Accelerators is a two-phased Assessment helps you identify the current landscape, key opportunities, and any existing gaps that impact overall interoperability planning and roll out. Our Accelerators help you quickly and easily scale and support solutions with better quality and more functionality so that you can turn your Cures Act compliance requirements into a market differentiating opportunity.

MaxMD Cures Act Assessment and Accelerators helps you with a cost-effective solution that leverages available standards to create interoperability between disparate system so that you can maximize data liquidity. The CGS establishes an infrastructure that enables payers to implement timely, cost effective collection of clinical information and automated data remediation guarantees high quality, reusable information that supports multiple Payer use cases.