Minnesota Mental Health Direct mdEmail® Overview

As a respected industry leader, MaxMD’s Direct mdEmail® is the right solution for anyone looking to securely coordinate care with over 1.2 million healthcare providers using Direct Secure Messaging.

Direct mdEmail® is a simple application that looks and acts like regular email. It can be securely used on the internet, mobile devices, or added to email applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Direct mdEmail® meets the highest national standards for ensuring that protected health information remains secure and can only be viewed by those who are known, ID proofed trusted partners.

Registration can be completed in minutes using MaxMD’s secure online form allowing for fast access to a custom Direct Address so that you can begin exchanging data. Your personal Direct Address will be formatted similar to username@direct.yourpractice.com.

Features of Direct mdEmail® include alerts sent to your primary email address notifying you of a new Direct Message in your inbox and a one-click Continuity of Care Document (CCD) viewer for quick access to view and print medical records from the web. MaxMD provides seamless coordination with the entire DirectTrust network and its participants which includes users at 58,000+ organizations nationwide.

MaxMD was one of the first to earn full independent accreditation from Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission for the policies, procedures, and infrastructure to provide Direct Messaging services and also currently leads numerous workgroups which establish the policy standards for Direct nationwide. Direct mdEmail® is an HHS Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Certified HIT solution.

Our expertise, vision, and knowledge of the policy, combined with technology built to ONC standards, ensures our products are built to mature with and expand the use cases of Direct Messaging. In an evolving healthcare technology market, our modular solutions to supplement Direct Messaging means our clients will not outpace our capabilities.

Please choose from the links below to begin your registration for Direct mdEmail®

If you are employed by an organization with a group NPI or DUNS number please click here
If you are a solo practitioner only with an individual NPI please click here

If you are interested in learning more about Direct Secure Messaging please click here.